So I left Keller Williams, and was welcomed at Imagine Properties NY.  Very friendly folks at Imagine. Keller Williams got too big for me, plus they collected dues! (as well as taking 40% of your hard earned commission..  There are so many realtors out there, who knew? 

So I have a new listing in Nanuet.  My girlfriend, lives in her parents house - with her husband.  Her parents want to sell because they no longer want to pay the taxes.  Maxine & Phil moved to Boynton, I don't know, maybe 15 years ago or so.  So Wendy and her husband have to find a new place to live.   She's looking for a two bedroom, 1.5 bath because she wants her own room, lol.  Her Mom offered to have her come to Florida, as long as she left the husband up here in New York.  I told her to go to Florida!  But then I'd miss some crazy nights out.  On her birthday, March 20, we did win the trivia contest at Jacqueline's Wine Bar in Nanuet.  It was a fun night, it was my friend's birthday and we got a little loud.  Met a lot of fun people.  And took pictures.  Not the best.  Anyway, Wendy ran into one of the ladies we took pictures with.  The woman came up to Wendy and Wendy had no idea who she was.  I showed her the pictures, she pointed her out.  Hope to see them next time we go out.